• How financially fit is your non-profit organisation?
  • Are its financial resources well managed?
  • How healthy are your financial control systems?

This checklist will diagnose the health of your organisation's systems of financial management.


Financial Management for Non Profit Organisations

The CMDS team is led by Chartered Accountants and includes accountants, bookkeepers and support staff and is linked with a network of other professionals.

We have served the non profit sector for over 20 years, helping organisations to build financial health and sustainability so resources can be used more effectively in making a real difference.

Our experience shows us that non profits are more effective when they are financially healthy, well managed and based on a strong ethical foundation.

CMDS offers support to non profits and funders that is built on:

  • Simple, effective accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and financial management systems advice and support.
  • Professional, friendly and supportive mentoring and guidance.
  • People-centred systems for putting finances in good order and keeping them that way.
  • 20 years of specialist knowledge.
  • Extensive experience in facilitating training specifically tailored to the needs of non profits.
  • Our collective skills in reporting to management, funders and other stakeholders.