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Seminar- Understanding Tax for NPOs


28 November 2014

9am: Session 1

11am: Session 2



Lagoon Beach Hotel, Milnerton, Cape Town



R500 plus VAT per session

To book:

Please contact Shané on 021 797 6226 or



NPOs operate in quite a complex tax environment, Tax exemption can imply that tax is something not relevant to the sector but this is certainly not the case.

The recent NPO Collaboration Dialogue between the Head of the Tax Exemption Unit and the NPO sector highlighted the importance of having a true understanding of the tax laws applicable to your organisation. Not only is this necessary to ensure proper compliance but also to make the most of the tax benefits available to both the organisation and its donors.

Cathy Masters and Anna Vayanos will be presenting a morning seminar: Understanding Tax for NPOs. The aim is to demystify tax for the sector and to empower those attending through knowledge of and understanding the main issues. Please don't miss the opportunity to clarify your own understanding of the compliance requirements and related issues and to ask questions.

We will offer two separate sessions:

Session 1

Basic principles of tax exemption for NPOs


Who should attend?

Representatives from organisations with PBO approval seeking to understand the tax exemption environment in which they operate or needing a refresher.


What will be covered?

This session will cover the basic principles of tax exemption for PBOs.

  • The different types of approval (PBO and Section 18A)
  • The advantages for your organisation
  • The advantages for your donors
  • The requirements to obtain and keep these approvals
  • Compliance and the consequences of non-compliance
  • The tax implications of trading by PBOs

Session 2

Section 18A in detail

Who should attend?
Representatives from organisations with Section 18A approval (or seeking to obtain this approval) looking for clarity on the various issues surrounding this important approval.

What will be covered?

  • The requirements for Section 18A approval
  • Which donations qualify for a S18A receipt and which don't?
  • Do pro bono services qualify for a receipt?
  • The format of the S18A receipt and timing of issue
  • When should an invoice be issued instead of a receipt?
  • Can a donor impose conditions on their donation?
  • Compliance with Section 18A and the consequences of non-compliance.

We encourage everyone to attend the first session in order to gain the background knowledge required to more easily follow the second session.



Cathy Masters is a chartered accountant and CEO/Founder of CMDS that has provided financial management and taxation advice and services specifically for NPOs for more than 20 years.


Anna Vayanos is an admitted attorney and has been advising NPOs and donors on tax and tax exemption for over 14 years, both whilst working for a leading, national law firm and subsequently through her previous role as Head of the Philanthropy Office at BoE Private Clients (Nedbank Private Wealth)