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Are you Employment Equity compliant?

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As many of you find CMDS News to be a helpful tool for monitoring your compliance, we felt it would be important to update you on the key amendments to the Employment Equity Act which were promulgated on 1 August 2014.

We are therefore very grateful to Desrae Connold who has provided us with the expertise necessary to prepare this edition of CMDS News. If you need further advice in relation to employment equity or other employment legislation, Desrae’s contact details are shown at the foot of this letter.

In considering the Employment Equity Act (“the Act”), it is important to note that:

- Chapter 2 of the Act deals with discrimination and is applicable to all employers, no matter what the size of the organisation is (it even applies to domestic employers) more

- Chapter 3 considers affirmative action and is applicable to designated employers.  It is important to note that designated employers which are all organisations:
   - with more than 50 employees;
  - whose turnover is above the designated amount
(which for NPO’s and community, social.. read more

It is important that all designated employees must:

- have an Employment Equity Plan
in the new format required by the Department of Labour; and

- submit reports (EEA2 and EEA4), in the revised formats*,  to the Department of Labour by 1 October 2014 (if submitting manual reports) and by 15 January 2015 for on-line submissions. These documents must be prepared with the assistance of a consultative committee.

* Regulations were gazetted on 1 August 2014 which alter the reporting formats for the EEA2 and EEA4 forms and which also give a required format for the Employment Equity Plans.

We do hope that these points will help you to navigate safely through the provisions of the Act that are now in force.

For a full copy of this newsletter Click here

This newsletter was written in conjunction with:
Desrae Connold
Human Resource Practitioner
Connold and Associates CC